My Prayer

You, my King, are enthralled by my beauty. So I will honor You, for You are my God. I am your masterpiece, a glorious creation. I was painted as a piece of intricate art-before I was ever born! You are my wondrous creator-I am the clay, You are the potter. You make me beautiful; I am amazed and flooded bu Your unconditional love! Let my prayer be to spread your love, show them You through me. I yearn to be in you, around you, surrounded by you, wrapped up in You, O God! Bathe me in Your righteousness, clothe me in purity, and stroke me in Your greatness. God You know me inside and out, You know every hair on my head, every freckle on my cheek, every move I make-before I make it. How, O Lord can I possibly be unspoken when a raging fire is burning in my soul? Give me the passion, the intensity, the want, the strive to become one with You, one with my lost generation. For us, as one unified body, to seek Your face, to feel Your presence, to be marinated in You, my King! With the same hands that You created the earth I live in, the food I eat, the clothes on my back…You created me. So I will lift Your name and give you praises until the day I die. O God what an awesome blessing to know You. You spoil me although I don’t deserve any of it. I will give you my everything.


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