21 Days…

Yesterday in church, BJ challenged us with this: to fast from something for 21 days. Why? So I can totally let God take control and put my faith in him. By doing this, I’ll grow more intimate with Him and all His plans He has for me. So, I’m fasting from junk food. It’s going to be hard, since I really love food, but it’s going to be awesome to see what God will do with my surrender to Him.

Everyday we’ll have to read a small passage from the bible, and today’s was Matthew 6: 19-21. I can’t wait to see what tomorrows is. I am really praying that God will totally take away my craving for junk food and that He’ll guard me against Satan’s attacks (because he WILL attack). I want to grow stronger through this and I pray that I’ll be walking right by God’s side all the time.


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