Wow. One day until Christmas Eve. It is truly unbelievable how time flies! Man, isn’t it crazy how different Christmas is these days compared to when Jesus was born? Gosh. Now you never hear our Savior’s name on the radio or TV. It’s always presents presents presents! Or even if it’s not that, many have fallen into the lie that it’s about GIVING presents. Even that’s not true! I wonder if God looks down here and smiles when he sees the hussle and bussle of Christmas in our world today. So, I stopped today and just let Him take control of my thoughts. Let me explain to you as best I can what I felt…

Lately, I got to thinking about Christmas and the birth of our Savior. And I started to think about that night and trying to picture it in my head as best as I could. Not necessarily the “Sunday School” version, but the reality version. What emotions were present. What worries were floating in between Mary and Joseph. The aura of the whole night.

I thought of the emotional baggage Mary was carrying being despised by others, yet also the glimmer of hope she held onto and the joy Jesus would bring her.  I imagined the character of Joseph, who was obviously a man after God’s own heart, and the constant worry he bore from knowing he was there to be a protector and guide for Mary and Jesus.

Then, I thought of the actual birth, and how it must of felt. For five minutes, there must have been peace, warmth, comfortableness, love, and blessings flowing throughout the whole stable. No worries. No grief. Just a beautiful and precious bundle wrapped in swaddling cloth. It was as if time had stopped for just a second, and the only thing felt was praises and thanksgiving. For that glorious moment, it was all perfect. Worth it. Indescribable.

Yet this beautiful moment didn’t last long. As soon as they got word of King Herod’s search to kill this new King, reality came back into play. The chase was on.

Although this news sounds terrifying and unbearable, I can only imagine what Mary and Joseph did at this time.

I’ll bet they looked at each other and grinned and said:

“Are you ready for the race? We’re in this together. And with God running right beside us, what in the world can bring us down?”


So everytime I hear “Away in a Manger” or “O Holy Night” or anyone tell the Christmas Story, this is what I’ll think of: how Bethleham will forever be known as the town with no room for our Savior; how overly and abundantly blessed I am to the point of tears; how extremely fortunate and blessed I am to know Jesus personally; and how mysterious my God continues to be in this journey called life.

I’m psyched that I, too, can say the same thing I’m sure Mary and Joseph said that night…


So, there you have it. God’s words spilling out into my mind, and me sharing them with you as best as I could.


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