Another Jesus Encounter…

Well, Jesus has inspired me…again!

So I’m chilling, listening to some Big Daddy Weave when I hear these words:

“What could I bring to honor your majesty? What song could I sing that would move the heart of royalty? When all that I have is this life that you’ve given me. So Lord let me live for you, my song with humility. And Lord as the love song of my life is played, I have one desire: to bring glory to your name! To my audience of one…”

How marvelous is our God?! So majestic, that there is nothing tangible or even emotional that we could ever offer to such royalty. In truth, there is no earthly word to describe our Lord that could ever amount to him. We, as people, are not good enough for his grace. We are not deserving. We are not even worthy of his love.

Yet, there’s this catch. This catch, that is so breathtakingly beautiful that it is impossible for any human to conjure up. This catch, that is so crazy and supernatural that it is socially unacceptable in our society today. This catch that will bring one to tears. This catch that is unimaginably magnificant.

The catch?


We’re not talking about a love for spaghetti or a love for a song. We aren’t talking about a love for that one shirt we have to have or a love we have for coffee. We aren’t even talking about a love between a husband and his wife! We are talking about a sacrificial, unheard-of love.

It is a love so grand, so mysterious, so soverign, so indescribable that it is simply impossible for the human soul to fathom this unconditional passion of love Christ displays for us.

Does that not just make you want to dance for joy and shout His name?

He takes us in as we are. Broken. Dirty. Helpless. Thirsty. Hungry. Sad. Angry. Unloved.

And He holds us. Feeds us. Comforts us. Cleans us. Cherishes us. Loves us. Challenges us.

He challenges us to live our lives in a way that makes Him smile. And he challenges us to bring Him glory even though it WILL BE socially unacceptable. He challenges us to take risks, enjoy life, and know that he is guiding our adventure the whole way.

Why? Because although we will never understand it

“For God so loved the world…”


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