You Never Let Go

How can I grasp the sovereignity of The King?

How is it possible to fully comprehend the hold my God has on me?

How can I even begin to fathom Christ’s adoration he has for…me?


And then He whispers to me.

And then I get it.

And then the creator of the universe is in…my room.

I realize I can’t grasp

or comprehend

or fathom

the mystery of Yahweh.

And as I enter into His holy realm which He has humbly welcomed me,

He taps me on the shoulder and says

“My dear Casey, just trust me. I’ll never let go – I’m holding on tight to you.”

And it is then I understand

My God has a plan for…me.

My Lord walks alongside me everywhere I go.

My King takes me on a blindfolded adventure…everyday.

The God of this galaxy takes the time to make himself known to me when I least expect it.

And all I have to do is…

Trust him.

And know my heart will hold on.

And embrace the wonderful uncertainty

Of a life filled with passion travelling beside my Father

Until I cross that finish line.

And forever be with my God.



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