‘Dancing with the Stars’ – NOT what you think!

So God just put on one of His many shows for us. Tonight, He genuinely titled it, ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

To grab our attention, He playfully teased us with a few showers. Then, a while later, the show started. And God was beckoning us to come and see. The lightning was dancing and singing softly. The stage of clouds was majestically positioned, the darkness serving as their spotlights. The attentive audience of stars was watching, their suspense radiating and wonder spreading like a disease. As each bolt and light emitted a different pattern and rhythm, another not far away would return its call with a small number of moves. You could see each leap, each tondue, each plie, each pirouette moving to the beat of the rhythm of the night.

You could almost feel the pride God took in showing us just a hair of a smidgen of His fearful beauty. He, being so enthralled with us, is on a constant journey to captivate us with His sovereignty and take our breath away with His adoration he contains for us. You can almost hear his sweet small voice whispering, “Hey, come over here, come see what I have in store for you! Come see just how much I love you!”

And all at once, we stand in utter awe of The King of Glory. Once again. Speechless. Amazed. Comforted.

And then, a few minutes later, the show has come to an end. The lightning takes their bow, and fall into sweet slumber underneath their shelter of clouds.  The stars retreat to their duties of the darkness, and give out a light just enough to make you grin. And we go back to our lives, carrying that precious sliver of God around in our hearts forever.

God truly just opened up the sky and fell down like rain. And that’s all I have to say about that.


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