Unfortunately someone hit a telephone pole down the road from us the other night, and as a result, we were power-less for a few hours.

It was really weird–NOTHING technological or electrical was on anywhere inside the house. It was peaceful with only a few candles lit, to just be in the silence and darkness that is rarely seen or felt these days. I guess this is why I like to camp a lot. It gets me away from the whirlwind of the materials in the world, and I’m not engulfed in a computer, TV, or even air conditioning.

This made me wonder; are we too reliant on the “things of this world?” We are called to be IN the world, not OF it. Do we depend on technology or the newest equipment to “fulfill” us until something newer comes along? If so, we have failed at our job description. I had to think; would I be okay if my house and all my possessions were to burn to ashes? Or would I be totally “It’s the end of the world!”? Or…am I being more of a daughter and a sister than a friend to my parents and brother? So I asked myself: would I survive with them anywhere we lived? Yes. I am proud to say that I can make it without the distractions and materials of this world. I am close to my family, and they are some of my best friends. It is because of my family and the lessons they have taught me that I am fortunate enough to be one of few people to be able to say this. :) And for that, thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. Thanks Zach.

It’s the times when we are power-less that reminds us where our power really resides…


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  1. You are a true blessing Casey. I love you and I am proud to say that if everything we have was turned to ashes and all we had was each other, we would be richer and have more than we could ever ask for. I love you.


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