What is the most common thing in the world today? It’s indirect, unintentional, and often looked over. What is it? Endings. Every movie has to end, every road trip must arrive somewhere. Every day turns into night when the sun goes away, every game has a winner and a loser. The list goes on and on. Everything we are familiar with and know eventually comes to an end in some sort or fashion. Even humans die.

But wait–there’s something…greater? Something that takes the words “always,” “never,” and “forever” literally? Woah–hold it! How is that possible? It’s not. How is that scientifically correct? It isn’t. How can man perform such a task? He can’t.

The plain and simple truth is, it is impossible, scientifically incorrect, and unthinkable for man.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. In steps God. The Creator who daily defeats the impossible, breaks scientific barriers, and performs tasks that no man could ever dream of accomplishing. The God who has no boundaries. No strings. No birth certificate. No gravestone. No time. No endings.

Your story doesn’t end when you fail, disappoint, lose someone, get caught up in addictions.

If you let him…

He takes those failures, disappointments, losses, and addictions and transforms them. Transforms them into something beautiful, wonderful, and pleasing to his sight. He uses what you have been through to make you into who you were meant to be. You can be healed. And find purpose. And live forever. Yes, forever. Because of his unconditional love for us dirty ragamuffins, God makes a way for us to never have to see another ending ever again. This is how big He is. How sovereign he is. How full of grace He is.

No, we can’t grasp this concept of “eternity.” We can’t even grasp God. God is far too great in His majesty that words cannot even begin to describe Him. So this is when we take off our chains and rags and fancy jewelry, and come before the one who knows us inside and out, just as we are. And completely put our trust in Him, surrendering ourselves up for molding. Stepping out in faith, and letting ourselves be transformed. Transformed by the one and only true God who defeats the impossible, breaks scientific barriers, and performs tasks that no man could ever dream of accomplishing.


Yeah, try and end the climax, fit it into your wallet, or make an equation out of it…What’s that? You can’t?



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