Moonlight Sonata

If you have never heard Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, go somewhere quiet and peaceful, and just sit and listen to this beautiful piece of wonder. You can hear in the song the passion Beethoven had for his work. You can feel the wonder he has for the majesty in this world. You can feel the love he pours into this melody. His heart is simply this song.

Yes, we all know he was deaf–

WAIT…deaf. DEAF. There is no way you can just absorb this marvel. One of the greatest composers and pianists in history overcame being DEAF!!! That blows me away!!! I can’t imagine how he felt while playing such wonderful songs like Moonlight Sonata. To hear it is awe-striking as it is. But to compose it and never experience it like we do, that’s a different story.

I realized while listening to this and thinking of the life Beethoven had, I now know that any feeling we get when we listen to any of his works will never compare to what he felt when he played them. To be deaf and write one of the most beautiful melodies ever, Beethoven had to have seen and heard something in his heart that we could never understand with our ears.

This just sets my mind into amazement.

Now go ahead, listen to it. I dare you…


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