What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love…

I was recently filling out my senior survey questions when I came upon one that asked something like “If you could change one thing with the world, what would you change?” My answer?

More Love.

It is so simple, yet the easiest, most needed thing in life is on low supply. Our love tank is low. Too many children go unloved by their parents. They don’t get hugged or kissed enough. They don’t get asked about how their day was. Many don’t even see their parents but once a week, and some only see one parent their whole life. This is no way anyone should be treated, and it completely breaks my heart. It makes me just want to hold them and love on them like they never have been before. And adults who have scars and wounds that have not been healed hide so much inside that it controls them and the ONLY thing they long for is love. So many things could be prevented, healed, or helped just with love.

This concept is so simple, yet it is such a huge issue.

I have to work on this myself. Because it’s easy to love the ones who love easily. But the ones who are hateful or annoying? Eh, not so easy… But often times it’s those very people who need love the most. As God’s workmanship, we have been created with a desire to love and a hunger to be loved. A simple smile as you walk through the hallways or office. Picking up somebody’s dollar they dropped. Giving a little girl a flower. Hugging your kids. Thanking your parents. Telling your spouse you love them. Anything. Just. Show. LOVE.

LovE iS tHe mOVEmeNt.

Easy as that.



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