No school :)

No school today until like 2:00pm–TAKS TESTING! And I’m a senior ;)

So because I have time, here’s some thoughts for the day…

This is my favorite coffee cup (and yes, I love coffee!). It says Chicago on it, as in the musical, which I am dying to see and my mom is dying for me to see it as well!

For some reason the coffee just…tastes better in this cup. Hehe!

I stink at keeping up with my nails. I’m not really a girly-girl in that aspect. I don’t do fake nails, highlights, tanning, etc. So, when I paint my nails, I end up picking at them or Nicholas will pick at them for me :D

They stay like this forever. When I finally get tired of them, I paint OVER the color if it’s a darker one. HA!!!

Tis quite funny.

If you have never heard the song “Stand in the Rain” (Symphonic Mix) by Superchick……GO LISTEN! If you appreciate music, this symphonic mix of an already great and beautiful song just gets me going. I love it.

Kudos to Superchick. They really ARE rocking what they got. Keep it stellar guys! :)


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