I Love Photography…

I always just search google for “cute photography” or something when I’m bored. I just really love to look at photography–especially wedding/engagement pictures. Those are my favorite. It just really makes me happy to see other people, well, happy!

Weddings and engagements are the best. You can see how full of joy the couple is to start their life together and you can’t help but smile. My favorite shoots are the ones where you can really see that they are in love. You can tell on the guys face in every picture that he knows he is truly lucky and his eyes just scream “She is my prize.” For the girl, you can just hear in her body language “This is my best friend, protector and love, and I am honored to be held by him.” Not meaning to use a cliche word, but it is simply cute. And it’s couples such as these that you can really, seriously see forever in their life. And the photography really catches this emotion and truth. Eeeee! :)

Thought of the day, just thought I’d share it with you, trusty blog.


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