7 Things

No this isn’t the Miley Cyrus song, haha, this is just 7 random facts that you may or may not already know… :)

1) I never understood this, but I can be as crazy and silly on videos and be totally cool with whoever sees it, but I would never be able to do it in front of ANYONE! Why? When I figure that out I’ll make sure to let you know.

2) I’m for sure what you would call a “cheesy romantic.” I simply adore love songs, cute ways to show love (notes, flowers, lyrics, etc :)), Valentine’s Day, candles, love songs, Sinatra, and the cliche stuff to do together. In all complete seriousness, as long as me and Nick are together, I could care LESS what we do. If we do something he wants to do or do absolutely nothing, it just makes me overly-content to simply BE with him. Nothing else really matters.

3) I LOVE my freckles. They are one of my favorite attributes about my appearance. They make me different, and I love being different. I very rarely wear any foundation, because I don’t want to cover up my freckles. “You have a beauty all your own.” Everyone does. And I embrace this with a smile.

4) I’m a sucker for hugs. But some people may be confused, because I don’t hug a lot. But the ones I love and DO hug, I cherish it. Very very much. So you should feel special if you are someone I hug ;) And in addition, the best hugs in my eyes are the real hugs. You know, the genuine, embracing with their soul, loving hugs. They mean the most :)

5) I love vintage. Totally rocks my style and decor. Although I’m not excessive on it, mostly because it costs money, I could go to an antique shop, Anthropologie, etc. and stay there all day long. I admire it and would love to have the money to invest in that. But dreaming is always fun as well.

6) I’ve neither seen nor read anything Twilight related. And I happily don’t plan on it. It started out because I just heard everyone talk about it day after day after day and I got totally sick of it. I know the story line by now, so there isn’t even a need to read or see it anyway haha. And, I’m just a nonconformist really, so I guess that’s another reason whether it’s a stupid one or not.

7) I love dreaming. I love fantasy books that are in a totally different world with fresh ideas and outlooks on life. I still have an imagination and childish innocence in me that I don’t think will ever go away. Whether this innocence is a good thing or not, I embrace it. Because of it, I am strait-up honest, can see simplicity easier and clearer than some others, and–I won’t say I am, because I do mess up– I strive to be pure in God’s sight. If the pure in heart are the ones who see God, I’m going to do my best to have a clean heart in everything.

Well, that was 7 things. :) Hope you learned something new or was inspired in some way…




  1. Casey I love everyone one of these things right there with you and the vintage things and daydreaming! hehe. Love you girl!

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