Tea Party Today

So when I was younger, my Nanny would always plan these tea parties for her granddaughters (we are all close), and we would get all fancy and dressed up with make up and jewelry and stuff. We all had our own tea cups and we would have a tea with scones and everything. This is mostly where I learned to use my manners more…daintily. So this was always a fun thing we looked forward to.

Today, as I and two of my other cousins are seniors, we are going to one more tea party and I’m super pumped! I love getting all dressed up and stuff. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully the tea and food will be yummy :)


One comment

  1. and a darn good tea party it twas!!! I love you Casey and I’m glad you have a nanny that made a tradition of having tea parties with ya’ll girls. She thinks ya’ll are very special.

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