The Journey

In the beginning, butterflies and clouds were what filled the emotions.
After those three words were said, a feeling of want and belonging reside.
Through shared experiences, inside jokes, unforgettable laughs, and sweet sweet words,
A friendship is grown and the love continues to blossom.

When the tests come and the obstacles hit, it becomes reality.
Letters are tearfully cherished, phone calls are rare and special, and the countdown shrinks with each second.
Unveiled through it all is a true, rich, sacrificial, treasured love as the two embark on their journey.
And the love holds together, becoming stronger and tighter as the hard times are conquered and the battles are won.

As the adventure goes on,
Separation turns to trust,
Confusion turns to surrender,
Loneliness turns to hope,
and Uncertainty turns to faith.

As time continues the love continues, growing in maturity, strength, truth, and joy.
What others take for granted is treasured with every ounce and stored in a special place in their hearts:
Holding hands,
A kiss on the cheek,
Sitting side by side,
Hearing their voice,
Seeing their face,
Feeling their hug.

It becomes worth it.
Their plan surrendered, God takes hold of them.
And works things out to prosper.
He never leaves or forsakes them.
Because He delights in them.
It’s worth every lonely night, every obstacle, every day apart from each other.

Their love is fought for.
Their love is real.
Their love is anchored.
Their love wins.
Because love, genuine love, always wins.

Throughout the whole journey.

To be continued…


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