Timeless Love

So I found these letters as I was looking in an antique store the other day. There were tons of them to and from the same two people over the time period of 1942-1944. I asked the lady about them and she said they were thought to be love letters from a woman to her lover who was in the Army. Me, being the person I am, went nuts over them. Those letters were so incredibly precious and priceless! I fell in total love with them. I ended up only getting three and I haven’t really figured out what to do with them, but they will definitely be treasured. When I find something like that that is so personal and delicate, I’m just in awe! I’m a sucker for such things.

So, I took the envelopes and kind of set up a little photo shoot. I wish I had a good camera (and knew how to use it lol) because this would have been AWESOME. But, I just did it with my mac and edited it on the computer, so sorry for the poor quality. But I really like the set up, and just fyi, the Martha Washington pearls were also from the antique store :)


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