Tonight: CRAFT NIGHT!!! :D

I am having craft night tonight!!! :) I’m gonna…

1. Make a collage out of magazine cutouts

2. Paint all sorts of shirts with bleach

3. Make a laptop case

4. Make a skirt/dress????!???!!!!?!?

I’m feeling super bold, especially with that last statement… :-/ We’ll see how it turns out!!! Ha… Cool. I’ll check with ya later when I complete my tasks! Wish me luck…


One comment

  1. dude, that sounds like so much fun!
    i don’t know if you already know about but it’s this website that just takes you to random webpages of the internet.
    and you can stumble crafts and stuff, i have over 700 pages saved to my favorites for things i want to make later on.
    85% of the time there are instructions or tutorials. it’s great.
    or there’s they have DIY tutorials pretty much every week.
    i was always into crafting and making stuff.
    but that channel is what really got me into more clothes making and such.

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