Ok so I am super ecstatic about the fact that Rachel and I leave for Australia in 2 DAYS!!! HOLY COW!!! :D I cannot wait… But I haven’t started packing and of course when you leave the country for 19 days, it becomes overwhelming as to what to pack! haha But I’m so stoked nonetheless. I am excited to see what God is going to do this next month through the Hillsong Conference and through His glories He is going to show us :) We will most definitely keep our eyes wide open to His majesties!

We will be taking LOTS of pictures aaaaand videos… hey, it’s an extremely long plane ride! We actually rode on the plane together on the way to and from Chicago in 2008 on a mission trip… good memories ;)

And there will be many more to come!


One comment

  1. AHHHH!!! SO EXCITED! I really should start packing…I have had a huge pile of clothes on the ground for 2 days now. :)

    I’m so ready to see what God has to show us!!

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