Nappies, Mackies, and Hillsong Church

Well, after arriving yesterday in Sydney, we FINALLY had a chance to eat some amazing (but expensive) breakfast,

get a shower and change clothes for the first time in 20 hours, and brush our teeth! haha it was amazing… We explored a bit in Chinatown, since Rachel‘s luggage malfunctioned, to get a new suitcase (HA!)

and did a bunch of train and bus hopping! After being totally in awe of God’s beauty, we caught a cab and went to Hillsong Church, the City campus. Such a great time of worship, and we met a couple really great people. (Sorry about the blurry-ness)

There are a lot of differences here in Australia compared to the US.

1. They call diapers “nappies”

2. The make up is RIDICULOUSLY expensive

3. They drive on the wrong side of the road (haha)

4. The food is all REAL and natural and delicious!

5. Everyone is sooooo nice. It’s CRAZY!!!

6. They call McDonalds “Mackies” :D

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand many more to come-promise!

We’re having a blast. More excitement today! :)

P.S. Happy Independence Day America!!! :) I’m rep’n my country today!


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