Exploring the Beautiful City…

Today was amazing here in Sydney. We woke up and had the best little breakfast here at our bed and breakfast and the best part–it was FREE. The food here is way more expensive than food in “the states” (as they say). After breakfast we set out to simply adore and explore this gorgeous city. We went through a market and took a LOT of really fantastic pictures. I didn’t take many with my camera because Rachel‘s is so great. We had a blast with that! The buildings and streets and plants are just amazing.

We then decided to make our way to the Harbour Bridge and walked down that, which was just awesome.

From there, there was such a great view of the Opera House and Sydney in general. For lunch we devoured some oh so famous fish and chips! :) So fun…

We wanted to go to Bondi Beach but on our way through the Quay, there was a street performer so we stopped and watched the only female street contortionist warp into a small box. That was neat. We then headed out on the hour long bus ride to Bondi Beach. On the bus a little Asian boy was sitting in front of us with his mom and he was just talking away to us! He was so adorable!!! And Fletcher, if your reading this, he LOVED Lightning McQueen!!!! Even though he spoke another language, he knew that name!

Bondi Beach was simply breathtaking. We got there at about 4:15pm and enjoyed the skate park, AWESOME graffiti, and the gorgeous beach right at sunset. (By the way, another strange thing about Australia is the sun sets at like 5pm! It’s pitch black by 5:30pm. Granted it’s winter, but that’s still early!) The sand was so cold!!! We had a TON of fun taking pictures, drawing in the sand, and getting our feet wet. :)

My FAVORITE thing about the language and accents here is that they call people “love.” I am in love with that!!! “G’day love” “It’s over there, love” “No worries, love” Ahhh! So awesome.

BIG SHOCKER——— They. Don’t. Have. Ranch… When I asked for some with my pizza last night the waiter looked at me all confused and was like, “What’s that?” I was blown away!!! So weird! Hahaha

Overall, today has really been so wonderful. God is soooooooooo good! Happy 4th of July, loves. ;)


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