Jetlag, Rain, and the Opening

So yesterday morning, Rachel and I woke up at 5 WIDE awake. The jetlag we thought we had escaped had come to haunt us. It was terrible in the least.

We had until about three, which is when we had to leave for the opening night of the conference, to do stuff in Sydney. After straightening our hair (which I rarely do anyway because it takes so long)

we had yet another quaint breakfast and headed out into the beautiful Sydney sun–NOT… It was a drizzly/rainy day in this lovely city, making our hair freak out! Ha… We went to the Opera House for about five minutes because we couldn’t go in and there wasn’t much to see, but it was neat.

After going back to the room to thaw and dry our poor toes and feet, we went to George St. where we found the cutest little cupcake bakery

and explored the 3-story Apple Store–yeah, 3 stories! We stopped at Starbucks to get a hot chocolate (so we could say we had ‘Starbucks in Australia’ hehe!) and got ready to go to Olympic Park for the Opening Night of Hillsong Conference 2010.

The opener of the conference that night was beyond what words can describe. God amazes me with what gifts he has given people and how he anoints each person in the body of Christ. I will attempt to explain it to you, but I could never convey to you through words this breathtaking experience….it was pitch black and there were a lot of different kinds of lighting hanging and placed throughout the stage area. Different musicians with different instruments were placed on the stage in random places as well. It began with a spotlight on a single person and as they played for about 30 seconds, soon another would join in, and so on and so forth, until it became symphonic. This in itself was beautiful, but what was really amazing was when the lights came in to play. It’s as if each different set of lights or light fixture was assigned to each instrument and the light blinked in harmony with the notes of the music as each musician played the beautiful melody. Basically totally rocked my heart and ears.

What really got me, was while this pure and wonderful sound was flowing through me, I saw out of the corner of my eye a guy signing to a group of people. He was signing this performance to the deaf crowd present. I was immediately stricken with overwhelming thanksgiving for my sense of hearing which I knew right then I took for granted in that moment. I felt complete pity for those who couldn’t ever hear this sound of the heavens here on earth! How precious is it to hear such worship to our God. I STILL haven’t gotten over that moment.

It was an amazing night of worship and a great beginning to a God-driven conference. My heart has already been totally shaken up by the Savior of the world and he is radically taking a hold of me.

More to come about the first full day of the conference tomorrow. Good night for now :)


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