Takin’ a break…

Well it’s about 5:15 and Rachel and I are on a break before tonight’s “session.” It’s a good chill time and it stinks that this is about the time everyone goes to bed! Haha…oh well. I just wanted to take this time to debrief a little bit on the conference so far. We are more than halfway through the conference, and it’s been amazing. Worship has been unbelievable, and the new Hillsong album–entitled “A Beautiful Exchange”–is phenomenal. The cover song in particular, “A Beautiful Exchange,” blows me away. To sum it up, what Christ did for us on the cross was a beautiful exchange. And this concept is simply amazing. God is all up in the Hillsong worship team!!

The messages so far have had a generally common theme, the theme of momentum. Holy momentum, to be exact. Such a great GREAT subject. Just what I’ve needed. As it is typically with conferences, camps, etc, there’s so much precious information packed into one week. I’m still processing it all and have recently had some intense journaling time! Haha… God is good. I can’t say it enough.

On another subject, Australia is beautiful. I would move here in a heartbeat! Rachel and I are having a blast. We’ve been talking with our accents, which is fun, and been trying to be as much of an “aussie” as possible! The style is different and I love it! Leggings and boots all the way! Very european… The people are great. So nice, and they’re so genuine, you can tell. I don’t think we have ever been on a train or bus where we haven’t had conversations with someone. In addition, there is definitely an aura of chillness and an attitude of “stop and smell the coffee.” The waiters and waitresses take forever to do everything, never bring you refills and we’ve so far always had to flag them down for the check after waiting 30 minutes. This sounds like terrible service, but as we look around and observe the people, it’s evident that they simply value each other and their time and realize that there is no need to be in such a rush. Heck, even all the emergency exit signs which are typically red in America are a calming green color! Haha…it’s great. This makes me realize how America has such a sense of rush and rudeness.

Overall, I’m loving it here! :) More pictures and videos to come soon, but I just had to recap…probably more so for me than anyone interested haha



  1. Casey it looks like you and Rachel are having a great time. Your blogs are so uplifting. I am so glad that the two of you got this opportunity!! continue to keep us up dated with your blogs, pictures and videos.

    Love you! and say hi to Rachel for me.

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