An “Adventurous” Day ;)

Well, I can’t make this long because I have five minutes and six seconds left, and this wifi is expensive…

We arrived in Melbourne today after a short flight (we were SO close to not making the flight–first dramatic event of the day haha!) and got to our hotel, which wasn’t necessarily like our last one, but we won’t be in it long so that doesn’t even matter! :)

We had planned on going to Planetshakers church, but little did we know……. We got ready and after taking 30 minutes trying to find the right train and ticket we finally got on the correct train. As we arrived and walked past the “Voodoo Children’s Music Store” and a Buddhist sanctuary, we soon realized we were in the GHETTO part of Melbourne. Typically we wouldn’t have even thought to be there, but knowing that the church was close kept us looking for it. We got to the address and found ourselves standing in shock in front of a small, old, deserted parking garage and building. Church? I think not. It said “Planetshakers” on it, but church was DEFINITELY not in session–we would have seen people because we were LATE! haha… We got back to our room safely though, don’t worry.

And, side note, we got the joy of hearing a teenager talk about how silly it is that we call cell phones “cell phones” instead of mobile (mow-bye-ll) phones. He just didn’t understand. So funny…

Other fun things about the day: we locked ourselves out of our room, figured out we have a mini-fridge in the room (Yayayayayay!), and are looking forward to tomorrow :)

Anyway, gotta go– 50 seconds left!!!!


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