Healsville && Skype

Well, after a crazy first day here in Melbourne, the second day (yesterday) was a total turn-around. We woke up and went through the Yarra Valley into the Healsville Sanctuary where we got to enjoy some of Australia’s awesome creatures. While the zoo was great, the ride up there was breathtaking. Expecting the scenery to be city-like and boring, Rachel and I looked up from our addicting games of Angry Bird to see the most beautiful mountains, Vinyards, pastures, valleys….man it was gorgeous. I–we–were mesmerized in the LEAST. The grass was so green it looked fake. The sky was abnormally blue. The whole way there my mind was filled with nothing but one word–WOW. It was a simply lovely day :) Although on the way back we were threatened with a $183 ticket by three huge people in black trench-coats to get our feet off the chair in the train, after yelling at us they just gave us a warning. Funny, but SCARY! haha…

Today we got to chill in Starbucks for a bit and I got to Skype with Nicholas while Rachel video chatted with the Burnetts. It was good relaxation time. We shopped and came upon THE most amazing little store called Typo. We fell in love with it!!!

Tomorrow we leave for Geelong, which we are both very excited about…

Love :)


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