I don’t think people typically like this word, contentment… Like it’s something people will say but they don’t want to believe in it or think that they themselves could never possess such a state of self. But we sure like the word happy. But happy is circumstantial. Contentment? Contentment is your state of mind with your life.

This sounds like such a broken record, but we always WANT more. And what we have at the time just seems… insignificant. It is very important for us in our lives to stop grabbing for the next rock and look down and see how far we’ve climbed, who we’ve met, what extravagant beauties we’ve been so fortunate to see, the heart-changing music we have heard, and who has influenced us beyond belief. It’s when we do this that we realize that contentment isn’t scary or impossible to ever feel, because when we experience this reflection that is, among other emotions, exactly how we feel. Perfectly content.

I love this process and feeling because it brings something into my life that I couldn’t endure through my struggles without. It’s joy. I become joyful when I see how favored I am with God and how much the King has blessed me with. I’m not talking about worldly things, but I’m talking about these:

1. God has made me so intricately different from anyone else and He is enthralled with my beauty.

2. I have grown up in the presence of God my whole life. I’m so blessed to have such godly parents, mentors, teachers, pastors, and friends.

3. I have a boyfriend who is constantly encouraging me, inspiring me, and loving me. And I know we can conquer the world.

I could go on and on, but to get to my point, I can easily say that I am content :)

So don’t be intimidated by contentment; instead just stop and know that you can be.

Until next time… :)



  1. Great post, Casey!!! I love you and am glad that you are content. It takes so many people so long to even realize that they are and you are blessed because you have found it at an early age!! I love you.

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