Love Birds

So I was sitting in class doodling and I forgot how to draw a cute little cartoon-looking bird. So when I got back to my dorm, I looked it up on google. I found a stock photo of all these little birds with different colors and emotions. I saw a couple that reminded me of Nick and I, so I chose those two and decided to make a cute, cheesy little graphic. But then, I started wondering about other ideas and what to do with this theme and I decided to make a cute little animated short with still pictures. Right away my mind was just flooded with ideas! I never knew what the next slide would be or how I would pull it all together until I was onto the next one and immediately it was perfect for the story line.

I have fallen in love with this and I am really quite proud of myself! :) Although it’s kind of rough and I could have used a better editing program, it makes me love it that much more! So COMMENT and tell me what you think!!!



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