New Songs :)

I always listen to music when I’m doing my homework. It gets me focused. But usually it’s easier to listen to music I don’t know or just classical music with no words. So today when I embarked on my Stats homework I cozily typed in Pandora in the address bar and began listening to my Dave Barnes station. As I was doing my work, I constantly had to stop and listen to the songs playing because I fell in love with them. I kept adding to my little list of “songs to get.” And it was awesome! Some I had heard a couple of times but the bulk of them was a total new sound and artist. I put on my Facebook status:

I simply adore discovering new, beautiful songs. It is so refreshing and it sends my ears on a nice little journey through fresh expressions.

So I decided to share them with you ;) It’s really a great mix! If I could figure out how to embed the actual playlist I would do that, but I’m experiencing technical difficulties at the moment, so my apologies!

Angel- Jack Johnson
Better Together- Jack Johnson
Remain- Tyrone Wells
Never Alone- Jesse Bonanno
Ever After You- The Gabe Dixon Band
Whisper- Ernie Halter
The Scientist- Coldplay


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