Made to Love…

As you notice on my very blog, I have a lot of links that go to different organizations, most of them providing help, rescue, or just love for different problems people are faced with today. I’m not writing this to boost the status of my halo by any means, but I really am passionate about what I’m going to say.

God has loved us and blessed us so that we in turn are to love and bless others. Every time I come across an organization that is passionately active in doing just that, I get so excited. I read their vision, they’re stories, what they’re doing, and how God is working in mighty ways all over the world. I can’t help but just want to get the word out about them and help in any way I can.

It’s strange to me that we can go through our lives and pinpoint everything that the world, it’s leaders, and the people in it are doing wrong and the how evil it is. Don’t get me wrong, we as Christians go into battle every morning we wake up against the evil one and spiritual warfare is present, but listen to me here… There are people who have been ordained by God to love the world in incredible ways and millions and millions of people have come to know the Rescuer of the world because of them and God working through them.

For this reason, I love to support every one of these awesome organizations when I come across one. It gets me fired up knowing that I am contributing to a child surviving another day, a little boy being saved from another terror of trafficking, a community getting clean water, a girl being saved from suicide, and many many more. I love it.

And this is why I do it. I look into a certain organization, read all about it and what they’re doing, and get excited that I can help in some way.

And I know that this feeling I get or this urge to do this isn’t weird or out of the ordinary. Why? Because I–we– are children of God. He made us in His image, and He loves us, so we love others naturally. It’s a simply incredible circle that is so intricate and wonderful. So I love this :)

Check out my links on the side bar to the right. Read the visions here for TOMS, To Write Love on Her Arms, She Dances, The Mocha Club, and Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself.

Be assured that more and more will always be added to the mix. So that’s my heart :) Later guys!

In all things, love.


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