Swinging and Charcoal

So I was on my way to class and I was pretty early so I decided to check out this swing I discovered the other day on campus! It was a beautiful afternoon and my camera app on my phone is pretty much amazing (hipstamatic) Here’s some of my favorite shots… :)

Yay! So then I proceeded to go to Drawing class in which we got MESSY and did some charcoal positive-negative contour stuff. Here’s some before-and-afters. I really like mine and my professor said I did a great job and he really liked them! That made me quite excited.

This first one has more positive space than negative (sorry the picture is blurry!) This one is my favorite:

This one has more negative than positive:

And this one has equal negative and positive space:

*Side note: this is BEFORE we cleaned them up so they’re not too purdy! ;) *

And my little art homework station is in our little living room of our suite. It has a big table in there so it’s a lot easier to do my work! Yay for that! Hope you enjoyed ;)

I’ll leave you with a project we did a couple classes back. I thought this looked pretty neat…

In all things, love…


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