Things I Love on Monday, September Twentieth

I’ve recently discovered a lot of new artists on Pandora, including Peter Bradley Adams–specifically his song Los Angeles. I love the piano in this song. (I’m really drawn to the piano and acoustic sounds in music…)

I saw this cute ear warmer on Etsy on Trucks and Pearls shop, and I fell in love! So adorable.

So, I’m a juice kinda girl, and I LOVE Odwalla. It’s like they pick some fruit off the tree and squeeze it right into the bottles. So goooood!

Another song I love is Deeper (Listen to a sample HERE, and then go buy it on iTunes!!) by Plantetshakers off their One album. This song is so awe-some and is definitely a battle cry for Christ followers everyday.

Okay, this room is simply beautiful. I LOVE the vintage couch and aspects all over! Ahhh! :) (Source: weheartit)

I’ve always wanted a suitcase like this sooooo badly! It’s so adorable. (Source: weheartit)

Also something I love and I want, hehe, is a Polaroid camera! I’m so old fashioned…and cheesy :D (Source: weheartit)

And one last thing… No matter how old you are, GO READ THIS BOOK! And if you’re a parent, read it to your kids. It’s such a GREAT book and I still love to read it :) It’s called Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell.

That’s all for now, loves ;)


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