All Jumbled :)

Wow, so this has been a crazy past couple of weeks. School is so crazy and I always have tons of homework :P But blogging is (one of) my relievers.

So to start off, speaking of school, I love my drawing class. Although I need improving, I’m having fun and I hope to rise to his expectations as they get higher the next half of the semester. I need to “think out of the box.” Therefore, that will be my goal! So here’s a few things we’ve been working on:

This one we just had to create our profile silhouette and on the inside put things that are most important to us in our lives and the important–but not AS important–on the outside…


This next one we had to work with patterns…

I also got my ears double pierced :) Which was surprisingly the first time I actually felt the piercing…The first time I got my ears pierced my mom numbed them haha…

I found a new perfume I like from Giorgio Armani called Acqua de Gioia. LOVE IT!


Oh yes, the weather has been SO nice lately. It’s finally starting to feel like fall! I simply love this time of year in Texas. Sooo wonderful… We open our windows a lot now :)

I got my hair cut :) Woot! I like it…

One more thing before I sign off…. Sunday night we (Rachel, Jerry, Lisa, and Grant) went to see DAVE BARNES!!!! It was so much fun! He is hilarious and I love his music. Ahhh!

Good night :) I’ll be back soon!

In all things, love.


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