Wake up call!

This feels so cliche to say this of my spiritual life, but it’s something every child of God faces at some point. I’ve been stagnant. Yes, that’s the cliche yet oh so perfect word to describe this.

I’ve been neglecting my time with God and getting into His word and I just needed to wake up from my little nap I had stopped to take on my journey with Him. This morning as I walked outside I saw the sun rising, as He so faithfully does for us everyday, and I saw the little kids playing and laughing in the park and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of God. I decided to skip my PE class today (shhh!) and grabbed some Einsteins vanilla hazelnut coffee and am now sitting outside of Barnes & Noble enjoying God showing off for me. As I read Isaiah 30, there was a lot of underlining and pausing to rewind. It was such a refreshing renewal that I had been missing out on recently, and it’s times like now when I can’t understand why I could ever skip out on this, on spending my morning with God. So silly, to say the least!

His presence and love it most definitely abundant in this moment and I’m soaking it all up…

Thanks for the wake up call, Dad ;)

In all things,


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