Let’s Talk Fashion: Dresses

I love dresses, although I don’t wear them much. I would love to! So here are a few that I adore :)

I’m totally for the flowing, comfortable-yet-makes-me-feel-pretty type dresses. hehe! (Forever21)

Ok, this one is just too beautiful! And the pearls with it is simply PERFECTION. I soooo love this ensemble… :D I was born in the wrong decade!

This is just cute and fun. I dig. You dig? (Etsy)

And the cute handmade dress here is just precious. I think it’s meant to be a blouse, but with the right leggings and ballet flats, great things could become of this. Great things… (Etsy)

Another dress that proves what I said above: I love the flowey-ness! And any dress with the flower print, especially the vintage ones, I LOVE! (Etsy)

Gorgeous. Period. This black dress is stunning and I want it. haha… Surprisingly, it’s not that expensive! (H&M)

Sheesh. I love fashion. One of these days I’m actually going to go out and get all sorts of pretty things like what I put on here! haha… But until then, I’ll enjoy browsing and wishing ;)



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