Tis a good day…

First off, it’s simply a lovely day today. The weather has gotten cooler, you can SMELL autumn creeping in, and the coffee has gotten cozier. It’s really funny, because I hate hot weather. The only thing fun about it is swimming and going to the lake and the beach. But I’d take cold weather over hot any day! I say it’s funny because I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, but when fall and winter rolls around, man I love it! Especially when it rains. Mmmmmm!

Not only the weather, but today in general makes me happy. I’m relaxed because it’s the weekend and I can just chill. I love coming to places like Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, or somewhere that just gives me a relaxing vibe. And yes, you can ask my roommate, I’m all about the vibes. Especially in college! I have to find the places for the perfect vibes I’m looking for for whatever purpose I have. There’s different ones for studying, chilling, and anything else I’m in the mood for. haha…

SO, now that you’ve heard my strangeness, moving on!

I have been meaning to post some of my latest projects but I have been so busy actually DOING them that I haven’t posted anything haha. Imagine that! A lot of them are still in the studio, but here’s a few that I’ve gotten a chance to take a picture of:

This one is from a while back when we went outside and sketched one of the buildings on campus. It was for the purpose of contour lines and not any focus on shading or perspective:

This was a project with type. On four 10″ x 10″ sheets of Bristol paper, we had to draw our initials in a simple font in the form of a collage, the first sheet having two letters, second having four, third having eight, and the fourth having sixteen. I really liked how this one turned out!


This was just a simple sphere we did, the first in charcoal and the second in graphite.

I am kind of really stoked about this one… We carved pumpkins for my drawing class. Now, these weren’t just your normal jack-o-lanterns. We had to pick a famous work of art, put it into positive-negative, and stencil it out to put on our pumpkin. I did one of my favorites, which I’ve used before for a different class, Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer.

This is one of the most recent projects, in which we dealt with values and started into color which we haven’t used at all yet! :) We had to grid out a magazine portrait, and in this first one, we just did graphite with no color.

Then we had to go to Lowe’s and Home Depot and get EVERY PAINT SWATCH POSSIBLE. We had to choose a color to do a monochromatic painting and value it out ourselves, which was surprisingly very tedious and took a while. We gridded another magazine portrait and using a hole punch, we glued the dots from the paint swatches onto the grid. This took forever, but it looks really cool!

During working on it:

The final product and comparison:

This last one is using value and doing a self-portrait by looking in a mirror. Although this doesn’t resemble me much, it really helped me with using charcoal and working with value, which I needed to work on.


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