What is the one article of clothing that will never go out of style? That was a miracle when invented? That has the most versatile purposes of any article of clothing? That can make you feel rockin? That will always rock?


I was wearing some the other day when I had an epiphany. I love jeans! I’m sure many of you girls would agree with me here. They can be worn on a blah day with a t-shirt, no make-up, and a bad hair day. They can be dressed up with a cute or nice shirt and boots. The possibilities are endless…

Not to mention, the way you feel in jeans. You can find the perfect jeans that seem custom made for each and every unique, beautiful woman (Side note: Who in the heck cares what size it may be?! Since when are we categorized and judged by a number?). And when you find the perfect jean that fits every curve, length, turn and twist of your body, it just makes you feel amazing!

So, that’s just a mini schmeel from my jeans to yours ;) Now go put some rockin jeans on and walk confidently!

“Best fashion tip we can give you? Self-confidence makes every outfit your best, every trend your own and every street you walk down a runway.” –Forever 21

Until next time, in all things, love.



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