Woahhh hello my dearest WordPress :)

It has come to my attention by my wonderful cousin Ashley that I haven’t blogged in a while! And it’s true. I feel like this is such a cliche excuse, but maaaaaan have I been busy. The semester has come to an end, and a big end at that. So I’ll sum it all up here :)

FINALS… were pretty intense, to say the least. As far as my art classes, (Design and Color and Drawing I) I was very proud of my projects which I will post later. I brought home my portfolio and it’s crazy to see just how much I’ve really done in those classes and how I’ve progressed. It’s pretty cool, yo. In other news, my other finals were crazy but all came out well and, just a side note, I have no clue why but I am pretty good at math. Random, I know… haha

On December 9th, my Coastie graduated from A-school and is now an Operation Specialist. I am so proud of him! He came home on the 10th and I got to see him until the 22nd! We had a blast and he makes me so happy. We went shopping, had family Christmases, took fun pictures, went out to eat, ice skated, and even were cheesy enough to take pictures in a photo booth at the mall! Let me tell you, I was one HAPPY camper! He is now off to his next adventure in Alaska and although I will miss him terribly, I really love that guy :)

Christmas time, ooooooooh Christmas. Yes, that time is here and as of now it is Christmas Eve and we have had a fabulous day hanging with the family. As I sit here now laughing with them and just enjoying each other and the fact that we are all together, I couldn’t be more thankful. God has truly blessed me beyond my imagination.

In general, that’s all for now. I will definitely be blogging more during the break but that’s just a little catching up for you.


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