What a day…

Well today has been…interesting. It was just “one of those days.” I went to Wal Mart this morning to print some pictures and get some fabric. What could have taken fifteen minutes took about 45 to an hour. They only had one worker behind the counter where I had to buy my pictures and I would have had more sympathy for her if she was really trying to be efficient but she was casually talking to someone. I’m usually a patient person, and I was with her, but I just didn’t understand the need to try and be as slow as possible. Then today when we went to rent a movie, I left my wallet at home and had no form of ID to rent the movie soooooo I had to go home and get my wallet. When I came back the second time I walked in the doors and I realized I was missing something–my keys. Yep, I locked my keys in the car. Since I don’t have a copy, the police had to come to the movie store and unlock my car for me. I felt kind of…stupid :-/

I feel like I’m writing in a diary, and I suppose a blog in a way can be a diary. But I don’t want to come across as complaining like diaries usually do. Because after all that I have to just stop, breathe, and realize that my day was WONDERFUL compared to what it could have been. I didn’t have to walk miles and miles with aching feet to get water. I didn’t have to answer the phone to hear that my friend had just died. I didn’t have to be beaten because I was praying in the midst of all this.

I am blessed and I should be rejoicing at the end of every day of my life. Our God is so good…

In all things, love.


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