Better late than never?

So I said a while back I would post my finals from my art classes last semester and I’m finally doing it because I have some time before things get CRAZY!

For my Design and Color class, we had to chose two cutouts of any interesting design we saw in a magazine, be it an art magazine or not. We took those cutouts and inventoried the colors in each of them:

So those are the two cutouts I chose with the inventories. We then had to cut out the different colors from the inventories and even cut up the cutouts. Just cutting out rectangles and squares, we had to take everything we cutout and make a collage onto a 7″ x 5.5″ piece of Bristol paper, implementing some of the colors and cutouts into the collage:

After we got it to where we liked it (we spent a while experimenting and playing with it) we glued it down and made it permanent:

Since this class focused on colors and we had been playing, matching, and really digging into color, we had to paint our collage onto a 14″ x 11″ canvas board. Our goal was to make it look exactly like the collage we made, and here is what my final product looks like:

At the same time we were doing this, we had to take another piece of the same size canvas board and make an “abstract” of the colors in this painting using 1″ x 1″ squares lined up like graph paper. So this is the second piece. I added my own touch by making the paint really thick, kind of mixed it in with its colors beside it, and not make the lines so defined and strict:

Basically, this is what my work space looked like:

I made an A on this project and I actually had a lot of fun with it, even though it took a LOT of time.


As for my drawing final, we had to draw three different drawings on 18″ x 24″ sheets of paper. The theme was “birth, life, and death” or “beginning, middle, and end” of whatever subject we chose. As long as the majority of it was drawn, we could use whatever medium and materials we wanted. At first, I was going to do the birth, life, and death of an “idea,” but it really didn’t go well or like I wanted at all. So, two days before it was due and we had critiques, I switched and started all over. I chose to do the beginning, middle, and end of a dancers career. I love drawing dancers and ballerinas so I figured I could have fun with this and this was my goal–to have FUN. And I did! Although there are many things I would have done different, I’m happy with my result. My materials and mediums used was graphite, compressed charcoal, vine charcoal, and fabric for these.

This is kind of blurry, but this was taken at 4ish in the morning so bear with me haha. My room smelt like an explosion of hairspray and I couldn’t stop sneezing from all the charcoal dust flying all over the air! My poor roommate… I do love her :)

This one is my favorite of all of them. I think it has so much emotion and expression…

I ended up making a B+ on this one, but I am happy with it.

I hope you enjoyed this! And of course, there will be more to come in the future :)


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  1. I am so jealous of your projects, Casey. I wish we got to do some of this stuff. The color project looks awesome. I wish I would have learned more about color in my design class. It seems did like one project with color and everything else was black and white. Anyway, great stuff, I’m glad you had a great first semester!

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