When my heart takes over…

I don’t know if anyone ever feels like this, but when my heart is stirred up and I come to write about it my fingers can’t move fast enough. I don’t even make sense because I’m on fire and my heart takes over…

I just came back from my dance rehearsal and I forget every time I go how much I love dancing. It’s such a beautiful form of worship and it overwhelms me when I’m watching a beautiful dancer and the emotions and music and lyrics that all come together at once to bring glory to our God. The majesty of this drives me to the point of insanity. I could dance for my King all day. I can sit and watch people dance for Him and never get bored. When I’m dancing I forget about my skill level and I forget about whatever is going on with me. I have an audience of One and if I could describe to you what my heart feels the whole time and how emotional I get before His throne I would. But I can’t. My leg is bouncing right now and my hands are sweating and cramping from typing so fast. It’s like a beautiful song. The melody of the music and the flowing motions of the dancer come together to create something supernatural and something that is not of this world. And all I need to experience this phenomenon? ME. That’s it. Myself in His presence. If nothing else gets through your head, hear me now. This is beyond proof that the only thing God wants from us is ourselves! Coming to Him HOWEVER we are! He just wants us. Nothing fancy, nothing but our hearts. And when we choose to simply give Him ourselves, He completely rocks our world and the heavens rejoice and praise Him alongside us! How unfathomable is that concept?! And guess what? It’s not just a concept!!! It’s truth and it’s REAL.

So I will dance and give Him all the praise and glory. Bringing myself just as I am to His throne.





One comment

  1. thank you for sharing what was on your heart Casey. You are absolutely right and thanks for the reminder. I love you very much!!

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