A glorious day, indeed.

I went to Sundance Square this past Saturday and just spent the day enjoying God’s beauty and having some “me” time. I feel like I do that a lot, and not a lot of other people like being alone. But I do, and I feel very morbid and depressing saying that, but I think everyone is different, and for me that alone time is something I need to just BE.

So I took my camera and got a lot of really great shots for my class and just had fun. I went to Corner Bakery (YUM!), Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, did a little window shopping, did some reading, and just chilled.


This picture actually was in a place that was kind of…creepy… lol. It was like a very deserted alley/hall or something and this was the dead end. Sketchy? Yeah. But I saw this quote today and I’ll share it with you: “Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity.” I was careful mom, don’t worry ;)

Then I went to the park and kind of experimented with my next assignment, which is our self-portrait. I’m not sure what I want to do yet though. Just brainstorming for now…

ALSO, really cool story. So the other day I found an old Polaroid camera at the Goodwill store for $3. At that time I literally had $4, so I was thinking logically saying to myself that if I got it, it would only be used for decoration since they don’t make the film anymore. So I didn’t get it. Well, I was thinking about it the next day and decided that I really loved it and I missed out on a GREAT deal! So I went back quickly and thankfully they still had it! Welllllll…… A couple days later I was looking online at Smilebooth, just looking at they’re prices for renting the booth possibly for the wedding. I love they’re website and the total design of it, so I was just looking around and saw this icon that said “IMPOSSIBLE.” So I clicked on it and it took me to an online store with OLD Polaroid cameras AND THE FILM THAT GOES WITH IT! I was so stoked! And to think I just casually stumbled upon one of the rare places that actually have that film is incredible. [Really cool] sidenote: Basically, the “Impossible Project” is a team of people who have a passion for photography and wanted to save the old Polaroids that seemed so obsolete because they couldn’t be used for their purpose when the film for them and their production in general discontinued. It’s really neat and I found it very interesting. (Learn more HERE!)

As I was browsing their products, I decided to see if they sold the camera I had. I was curious about how much it was–let me just tell you, I got a STEAL!–and the price on this website for the camera I got for $3 was $116!!! SO CRAZY! I was ecstatic, and yes I ordered some film for it which should get here very soon. :)

All in all, it was a pretty dad gum good weekend ;)



  1. OMG thank you for posting this! I have been wondering where I could buy flim for my polaroid I bought last summer at a thrift store. Now I’m so excited to order some film!

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