Song of Songs

I decided to read Song of Songs today. Sitting in the library in front of a huge, beautiful window, barely anyone was there and it just felt so peaceful.

I’d read it before in the NIV version, so this time I read it from The Message. I like The Message not as a direct reference to the bible, but to really explore how the author paraphrases the language and context of the Word so beautifully. This was very true in Song of Songs. I’m an artist, a writer, and a poet, so I can always absorb the genuine beauty in written word and visual art of any kind pretty naturally. That being said, this book of the bible was wonderfully captivating. I so wish we used that language still today. The way each lover talks to and about the other is so eloquently worded. It really enumerates how truly in love they are. I just love it. Each word is filled with meaning, not one goes to waste or is undermined. The celebration of a pure and true love between them is so evident throughout this chapter and it gets me every time. I just love the bible.

So yeah, just a brief note of applaud to our God who created the most loving kind of love– because that’s how He first loved us… :)


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