Things I Adore: Wednesday, August Tenth

I haven’t blogged a “Things I Adore” (Previously “Things I Love”) post in a while! Therefore this post may be long, BUT filled with beautiful things ;)

First off, lil announcement! I have set up my website (YAY!), Casey Kleeb Design. Super stoked about that. In addition I set up my Facebook Page, which you should check out and “Like”!

Ok, onto the list of loves…

First off, I adore Rusche. It’s a ca-yute online store that kind of reminds me of Anthropologie (So naturally I would love it hehe!). These dresses are just absolute dreams…

This pouch is great! It’s from LBArtworks and is the perfect size for school! ;)

I have always adored these kinds of rings from Kira Ferrer.

I wear headbands a lot, and the Etsy shop Garlands of Grace has precious ones and I want all of them!

This painting is so different, yet really captivating and just beautiful.

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the website Society6 and these iphone/laptop case. YES!

And I’ll leave you with this PRECIOUS pug!!! :)



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