The End is Near…of 2011 that is.

So the new year is approaching. I honestly used to think “resolutions” were kind of silly. If you want to change something, why wait until the end of the year to do it? But, the end of the year has made me think of goals and changes I personally want to make. (It just so happens it’s about to be the end of the year :D)

So I’ve been brainstorming a couple goals for 2012:

1) I got a Wacom Bamboo tablet a few months ago and have been kind of…intimidated by it since it can be more difficult to use/illustrate than pen on paper. BUT I’ve been practicing and recently drew a cartoon and it turned out really great! I love illustration and want to do more cartoons with the Bamboo. Sooo I want to make it a goal to do and post at least once a week.

2) 365 Photo Project: I’m still wondering about this one since I don’t have a nice camera, but may try and take a picture a day–just with my iPhone.


So that’s a short list, but aside from cliche resolutions, these have been on my mind recently.


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