What’s Happenin

I haven’t posted in a while so I decided to post a lil update on what’s been going on with the Kleebs here lately!

Last week Nick and I finally got the opportunity to go snowboarding up at Alyeska! The first Monday of every month, military families get free lift tickets, 50% off gear rentals, and a huge discount on room rates at the resort’s hotel. so we had a blast there doing that!

We also added a little guy to the family! His name is Kaskae (Pronounced Kash-ka) which means “Chief” in Inuit. We wanted an Alaskan name since we got him here! He’s a precious golden retriever. We are in the process of potty-training him which has been so much fun haha (That was sarcasm ;) )

As for Bro, welllll…he hasn’t quite warmed up to him yet. There’s been some hissing and swatting, but it’s getting better with time. He stalks Kaskae all the time haha.

I’ve been loving my new camera and have been taking some fun photos. I thought I’d share some on here! They’re not anything amazing, but they were fun. :)

As far as the weather here goes, the sun is BEAUTIFUL and is staying up much longer now! But both Nick and me cannot wait for summer!!! Go away snow! haha…


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