Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce and Chicken

Oh wow this was amazing…I’ve never made a tomato cream sauce, though I’ve only heard heavenly things about it. So I made The Pioneer Woman’s recipe, with a few tweaks (there always has to be tweaks ;) )

Instead of canned tomato sauce, I used Prego Parmesan Garlic sauce, and I don’t regret that at all. Also, although shrimp would have been simply divine, I had none, so chicken was the substitute! Since I didn’t have dry white wine, I just used chicken broth. I also–of course, thanks to my mama–added some cheese at the end. It turned out beautifully and I will definitely make it again!

Start with the chicken and, of course, Grub Rub.

And boil the noodles. Bowtie is my favorite :D

Then set chicken aside and start cooking butter and veggie oil.

One of the most important parts, GARLIC. Yes.

Prego time!

And then comes the creamy beautiful heavenly deliciousness.

Oh my goodness. It’s beautiful.

Finally, add the noodles and chicken. Dad. Gum. Amazing.

This is definitely a remake in the future!!!


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