Momma Comes to Visit

So on September 1st, Nick left to go to Barrow (the northern most point of Alaska) for nearly a month, because of work. While I hadn’t started school yet, I was going to be at home all by my lonesome–that is, until the next day when my wonderful mother came to visit me for 10 days!!! And man oh man, we had a BLAST! We sampled lots of seafood chowder,

played many a game of gin rummy, saw some funny animals, watched great movies, played with Kaskae,


and had a SURPRISE trip to Homer at a B&B,

complete with a full day kayak trip!

We saw so many beautiful creatures and views,


and best of all had a great time together.

We took some amazing pictures that hold wonderful memories of our time together, and I’m so glad I have such a fun, giving, loving momma!



  1. I’m so glad your Mom got to spend that time with you Casey. Those are treasured memories you will have forever. I know your Mom had a blast because she has talked non- stop about it. What beautiful things you saw and did, but I think my favorite part of the trip was the Homer trip. The B&B just looked beautiful, all the sealife was amazing and the Kayak trip looked GREAT!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I love you to pieces and hope you have a great semester. xxoo xxoo

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