As a design student, I was always told that it’s inevitable that along the way, more than once, I’m bound to hit a creative wall, and get into a rut. I didn’t think much of it since it hadn’t happened yet. (But isn’t that how we tend to view everything?)

As you can guess, this is exactly what happened to me recently. For our current project, we are doing a package design redo. It’s even more humorous that I was looking forward to this more than any other project this year. I threw down my ideas and was ready to go, doing digital comps like no ones business. Then comes a mid-project critique from my professor. The design isn’t working. All my stuff–while good–has the same style. It needs to be more masculine. It needs to be more Alaskan. As I kept trying harder and harder to make it work, I was just, as my prof put it so well, trying to cram a square peg in a round hole.

So, the realization set in. A horrible one for my personality with a low stress tolerance, controlled schedule, and lists everywhere. I had to start completely over. Throw it out, moving on. Let me tell you, there was almost a girl seizing in that room.

So, after an evening of stress, my encouraging, honest husband set my mind at piece. I read an article by Promise Tangeman which was exactly what I needed to hear. She also brought to my attention a verse that is so empowering to me, that I thought I’d share it at the end of my post.

And now, onto my new package design!

Creative Best verse


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