Looking back at 2012

Yes, yes, it’s a little late I realize, but I was reflecting on 2012 today and looking at 2013. So here’s some highlights from the past year!

1. Visiting Texas in January, June, and December






2. Celebrating our 1st anniversary!



3. Zach visiting!


4. Moving (and making our new home ours)Image


5. Momma visiting (and taking a surprise trip to Homer!) while Nick was in Barrow


6. Getting a Graphic Design job with the school paper–and designing the front page of a big issue!

(Photo credit The Northern Light’s facebook page)

7. Dad coming to visit for Thanksgiving


8. Spending Nick and I’s second Christmas together.



I know there’s plenty more highlights, but looking back, it was a great year and God has yet again blessed us, watched over us, and challenged us in 2012. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the Kleebs in 2013. Happy [belated ;)] New Year!



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