Life, Design, Elephants, and the Such

I need to stop starting posts with “Wow, it’s been a long time!”

…but it has, yet again. HOPEFULLY I’LL CHANGE THAT.

It’s almost getting to be “break-up time” here in Alaska. This means the snow finally begins its 3 week period of transition to summer! (I say summer and not spring because there’s really only two seasons here, winter and summer). I think this graphic about sums it up:


So the process will go as such when the break-up begins: Snow begings to melt, brown snow and water will cover everything, everything looks nasty, flooding ensues, the amount of snow is down to the shady areas which get no sun, everything that was forgotten under the snow is now revealed (this includes lots of dog poop, trash, ugly lawn ornaments, trash, and…trash). Then, miraculously, the sun does beautiful things and the gorgeous summer reveals itself at last!

Nick and I have been great, and I think to myself everyday how much I love married life. I always knew I would love being a wife, but it’s just so much better than I thought. I obviously love the mister for lots of reasons, but right now I’m cherishing the most how he makes me laugh when I’ve had a long day, because I’ve had lots of those lately. He just reads me so well and gives me exactly what I need.

Now how precious is that??

Midterms have been going on this past week and I feel like I’ve had more midterms than the classes I have…is that possible? Oh wells. Such is college, right? RIGHT? I have found I can’t seem to get any work done at home, and all the better. I always enjoy hitting up new and old coffee spots to get the atmosphere my brain requires to do work. I have recently discovered Steam Dot Coffee Bar, which is a new favorite I think. I’m sad to say I fit into the designer stigma that I can be found designing in a coffee shop. But I don’t care :D

Speaking of designing, here’s some recent stuff I’ve been working on, either for school or work.

An ad for the paper I work at:


Hotel Amenities branding and packaging concept (please excuse the poor photog):


Self-portrait for the No Apologies show at UAA:


Fletcher Family Cookbook cover (this made me happy!):


“Understory” cover submission:


Lastly, I’m sure you’re wondering about this elephant bit. I just love elephants, really. So look forward to an elephant-dedicated post in the near future :D And that’s all I got for this post!


Laterz, y’all.


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