Beauty Talk: Products I Use

So I’ve seen people do this on blogs and it’s always helpful for me in trying out new beauty products and see what I like, if something is worth buying, etc. So, I’m going to do that as well. The consistent products I use are as follows: 

(Side note: I didn’t include make-up because I don’t wear it very often, nor have I found anything to brag about that doesn’t send my eyeballs into misery for the rest of the day.)


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum ($6-$7): I I’ve tried a couple frizz serums, both expensive and inexpensive, and this one is the best one at a decent price. You use it when your hair is still moderately wet, so my hair never has that oily look, just no frizz! And–it smells good :)

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter ($20, but they always have great sales and deals so don’t expect to pay this much!): I have cracking, horrible, desperate dry skin. I always feel sorry for my poor hands and legs, as they look like a desert. I’ve tried lots of lotions, but they just feel like grease sitting on top of my skin, only giving the illusion that it’s doing its job–and they usually don’t smell good. But then I discovered this beautiful butter. It just sinks into my skin when I put it on and heals it throughout the day, while smelling lovely. My legs stay hydrated and things are good when I wear this stuff. I highly recommend.

Skintimate Vitamin E Shaving Cream ($4-$5): I haven’t used many shaving creams, but this one is cheap and does the job. It hydrates while I shave and does it’s job.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Cream ($16.50): Since moving to Alaska, my dry skin has just gone to the extreme, especially in my face. I use this after I get out of the shower and my face is hydrated throughout the day–and the best part, there’s no oiliness to it at ALL. It saves my face everyday. I have been told and believe that one of the best things you can do for your face is use a moisturizer every night and day, even if your face is oily. This stuff is amazing, using the wonderful Vitamin E. The Body Shop has some great products I’ve found, and this is one I’ll be buying for a long time.

EOS Lip Balm ($3): Again, with this Alaska/winter dryness, I was on the hunt for a good lip balm. My two main priorities are the taste/smell, and healing power. While there’s tons of lip balms out there that work, this one satisfied both my priorities and it’s cute! My lips absorb it and it lasts all day for me, maybe needing to reapply once during the day, more if it’s super dry out.

That’s all for now! If you have any questions about any of these or what else I use, let me know! I’d love to discuss and trade beauty advice and secrets! Hehe!



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